This site is dedicated to Bridge Olympiad, held in Netherlands in 2000. Below you will find the brief introduction and history of the tournament. We hope that Olympic contest will soon come to our beautiful country again.

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) came into being in 1958. This was largely the result of the initiative of its first president, Baron Robert de Nexon of France. It had always been his belief that the WBF should be more than just a roof organisation for the world’s bridge federations. In his view competition at the bridge table should promote better understanding among nations.

The World Team Olympiad, inaugurated in 1960, was the first competition to be set up by the WBF itself, the Bermuda Bowl already being well established when the WBF was founded. Harold S. Vanderbilt, the inventor of modern bridge scoring, endowed the new event with a handsome cup, the Vanderbilt Trophy. His generosity continues to provide replicas for each member of the winning team.

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The World Team Bridge Olympiad has been held twelve times in total. Today, according to the event has changed its name and format to World Bridge Games.

We give you a brief overview of the foregoing events:

1960 Turin, Italy
1964 New York, United States
1968 Deauville, France
1972 Miami Beach,Florida USA
1976 Monte Carlo
1980 Valkenburg, the Netherlands
1984 Seattle, State of Washington, USA
1988 Venice, Italy
1992 Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy
1996 Rhodes, Greece
2000 Maastricht, Netherlands
2004 Istanbul, Turkey
2008 Bejing,China (World Bridge Games)
2012 Lille, France (World Bridge Games)
2016 Wroclaw, Poland (World Bridge Games